Friday, December 12, 2014

FBP Course - Author Platform, Marketing, Dos and Don'ts

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These are the simple materials you will need for the course.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some Story Starters

Use the following story starters and see where they take you.

Your character is standing outside of a restaurant waiting for her date to join her.  The payphone near by rings.  She ignores the ringing even thought she is tempted to answer.  The payphone rings again, this time she cannot resist.  Answering that payphone changes her evening's plans.

Your character receives a letter in the mail from an old friend asking for a favor, a huge favor.  

Your character is standing at her locker while typical high school kids saunter up and down the hallway.  Two girls walk up and open another locker a few down from your character's.  They do not realize their conversation is being overheard.  Your character makes out the statement, "I know he killed her. He told me that he hadn't decided yet whether to bury her in Kingston Park or that other park just outside of town."

We hope these prompts bring forth your imagination and some fun.  If you post content online from any of these prompts, please give us and other readers a link to your site in the comments below so we can enjoy your writing.

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Happy Writing!